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This book is written to redirect people's hearts to seeking the purpose of God and striving to fulfill it. Jesus Christ used natural things to illustrate the spiritual principles of the kingdom of God - His parables exemplify that.


We know that most natural things have a purpose and they function to fulfill that purpose. Sun, moon, rain, wind, etc. fulfill their purpose to enhance life on earth. The parts of our body also fulfill specific purposes.


God created us to fulfill a specific purpose. Our lives should not be about what we want only. It should be about what God desired that we do because He created us for what He wants us to do. We find inner peace, harmony, and fulfillment in fulfilling our purpose.


This book explains how to know the purpose of God for our lives. Examples of the purpose of God are discussed as they were revealed in the Scriptures.


This book also discusses the barriers that hinder the fulfillment of the purpose of God. It will remove the confusion associated with knowing the purpose of God.


It encourages that we seek, identify, embrace, and work at fulfilling the purpose that God has for us. Adopting the principles explained in this book will bring aimless pursuits and frustrations to an end.

Knowing and fulfilling the purpose of God

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