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Nothing exists for nothing. Everything has a purpose. Creation has a purpose. Its purpose is determined by its creator just as those who make things, determine the purpose for which they are made.


God created the galaxies, sun, moon and stars for a purpose. He created the earth, land and sea for a purpose. He created animals, birds, trees and people for a purpose. Every human being is created for a purpose.


This book is written to reveal the purpose of God for the earth and its inhabitants. Understanding the purpose of God is fundamental. We cannot align ourselves to the will of God if we do not understand His purpose. Personal peace, harmony or a sense of meaning and relevance are lost without the knowledge of the purpose of God.


This book is a light switch to help the reader appreciate the place of God’s purpose in all things, especially in personal life. Ignorance and confusion will vanish if we know the reason why things exist and why we are here. Stagnation, hardship, stress, meaninglessness and frustration will be non-existence as we understand how things fit together.

Understanding the purpose of God

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