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This book is written to expose evil forces controlling peoples’ lives. While most people know of natural events impacting their environments, situations, and circumstances, they are unaware of spiritual forces shaping their lives. Ignorance of spiritual operation keeps people under bondage, oppression, and captivity. Most people who think they are in control of their own destiny are often blinded, deceived, and manipulated by the devil.


Using what the Holy Bible revealed, this book highlights the true nature and operation of the powers of darkness. It shows that the way out of captivity is through the redemption that comes from Jesus Christ; who has delivered mankind from the powers of darkness. This book shows you how to overcome and walk in authority by submitting to Him.


The veil will be removed as you study this book and the liberty that Jesus Christ secured for the redeemed will become evident in your life. This book will help you operate in the power of the kingdom of God and you will experience kingdom blessings.


Since you have been set free, this book will show you how to enjoy your liberty, maintain dominion, and live in the peace that Jesus Christ gave you. Ride on triumphantly and give God glory. I welcome you to a true experience of the kingdom of God.

You have been Delivered

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